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I started painting at the age of 25. I lived in New York with Michaël Patterson, one of the best watercolor artist I met. He gave me the strength and confidence to express my creativity. He used to say, “Art is a therapy”.

Today I continue watercolor and lacquer that I practice for over five years with diligence.


It is intentionally that most of my scenes are beyond their frame. They are limitless and open to the imagination. What could be hiding behind? I like this feeling of daydreaming. That’s why I like capturing night lights as well as intimate scenes. 

Usually I start my watercolor paintings and then often I add a mix of watercolor pencils to increase the contrast and hues. 

I really like working with blue and indigo.


I produced and realised a movie called Intimity

My Influences

I was also influenced by the work of my grandfather Jean Edmond MARTY (1900 – 1968).

He was born in 1900 and studied a year at the Beaux Arts in Bordeaux. He had to stop his classes

during the war and when the war ended, he did not resume his art studies, he had to work. To live,
He painted billboards and was also known as a letters’ painter.

The signature of my Grandfather was JEM. He has often been compared to the Douanier Rousseau.

His brother, Gaston MARTY, three years younger began the Beaux Arts of which he became a Professor renowned in Bordeaux and he exhibited a lot with his wife sculpter.

My inspirations are many. I love Klimt, Van Gogh, Bonnard, Munch, Macke, Klee, Vuillard, Matisse, Modigliani, and many more …

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